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iPhone accessories: iPhone Screen Protectors

An iPhone screen protector is a thin layer of a material on the screen of the iPhone. It is used to protect the screen from scratches and dirt. It is usually quite light and thin that you can’t even feel anything on the screen of your iPhone.

Additionally, you can use iPhone back cover and cases to give your iPhone an overall protection. iPhones are quite expensive and using a case can help you keep your phone new for a long time.iPhone accessories iPhone Screen Protectors

It can also add a little stylish, customized and elegant look to your iPhone. Have a look at this blog post as well to choose the best case for your iPhone.

You can use different iPhone screen protectors to protect the screen of your iPhone from breakage depending upon the quality and time of screen protector you use. Let’s discuss some very useful and most popular screen protectors in this blog post.

iPhone Screen Protectors

Here are some most commonly used screen protectors. Read all the features to decide which one suits your requirements.

Basic and clear screen protector

This type of screen protector is the most commonly used. It is clear and you can’t even tell there is protector on the screen. It is used to protect the screen from scratches, finger marks, and dirt. If you like a clear screen with great picture quality, then this protector would be the best option for you.

Special effects screen protectors

It shows special effects when you turn off the screen. Along with the other basic features, this special effects screen protector has mirror screen. When you turn off the screen you will feel that your phone is like a mirror.

If you have a habit of looking at the mirror again and again then you should definitely buy this. Some of the effects include diamond-like shine, different colors on different angles etc.

Anti-Glare screen protector

It is also known as an anti-gloss protector. Along with the basic features of protecting the screen, it has a very low refractive index which means if you use this phone in sunlight or any other bright light, the screen will still look sharp and clear.

It is also used to protect the screen from sweat and grease. It is available with the anti-bacterial quality as well. It has much smoother surface and better touch control than any other screen protector.

Anti-spy screen protectors

It is made up of special polarized material. Along with the basic features of a screen protector, it provides an anti-spy feature which means that only you will be able to see the screen clearly. The person sitting or standing nearby will see a gray or black screen.

Gadget guard protector film

Apart from the other screen protectors that cover the screen only, this protector covers the complete body of your phone. It is wrapped around your iPhone and it also comes in different designs and you can choose your favorite design according to your choice.

It gives your phone a classy look as well as the protection from dust, dirt, finger marks and scratches.

Curve comfortable screen protectors

Along with all the basic features, this type of screen protector is famous for its smooth edges and curve comfortable features. It is much softer than any other type of screen protector and has a better overlay. Hence, it provides better protection than common screen protectors.

How to install screen protector

Installing screen protector is a very easy task if you do it right. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want your protector to be free from any air bubble.

  1. Remove the old protector if you have one.
  2. Clean the screen and leave no finger marks or any dirt. Use a piece of wool or microfiber cloth and spray the glass cleaner on it.
  3. There are two protective covers along with the screen protector. Remove the first one.
  4. Apply the screen protector gently and make sure you put it correctly on the screen (be careful about the button, earpiece).
  5. Use the microfiber cloth along with a hard card to remove any bubbles.
  6. Remove the second protector gently.

All done! It was as easy as using your iPhone. If you are still confused on how to apply the screen protector correctly then watch this video, this will show you how to apply it correctly without any air bubble in it.

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