iPhone accessories Cases and protection for your new iPhone

iPhone accessories Cases and protection for your new iPhone

When it comes to smartphones, iPhone is the first choice of many people. If you are a new iPhone user you can also visit our blog to learn the tips, tricks and secret features of your iPhone.

We all know that an iPhone screen can easily be broken by a single fall on the ground. The new iPhone X, from front to back is made completely out of glass.iPhone accessories Cases and protection for your new iPhone

It is important to take care of your iPhone if you can’t afford the new one. You can use iPhone cases and screen protectors for the protection of the screen and overall body of your iPhone. In this blog post, I will share some most popular and useful cases designs and types for your iPhone.

iPhone accessories Cases and protection for your new iPhone


Cases or covers are used for the style and overall protection of your iPhone. These cases come in different designs and styles. It can make your iPhone look attractive and can significantly protect your phone.

Let’s discuss some most popular cases used by the iPhone users.

Skin-type cases

These cases are simple and are made out of rubber or silicon. These are smooth, light in weight cases and they don’t feel bulky. You can find these with different prints and designs as well.

This type of case is a good choice if you want to protect your iPhone from scratches. However, it will not be very protective if you drop your phone on the ground.

Shell-type cases

These are also back covers like the skin type cases. These covers do not protect the screen of your phone but are very helpful in protecting your phone against any scratches.

These are a bit harder than the skin type cases and are available in many colors mainly transparent.

Leather cases

These cases are made up of genuine leather. These cases are very good choice for the overall protection of your phone. The plus point is that these are not very bulky and they will give an elegant look to your iPhone.

Battery cases

These cases contain an extra battery like an extra thing in it. These are very helpful if you use your phone for a lot of time. These battery cases can significantly increase the battery life of your iPhone.

These were designed by Apple especially for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

So, if you ever want to go the camping then don’t worry about the battery of your iPhone because you can always take this type of case with you and you will not face any problem.

Wallet like cases

This type of iPhone case looks like a wallet. It can completely cover the back and the screen of your iPhone like a wallet. It also provides extra small pockets for keeping cards and other stuff. If you get one of these wallet cases, you will not need to carry a wallet and your iPhone separately whenever you go somewhere.

Rugged cases

These cases provide extra protection like they can be weather resistant, water resistant, shock resistant etc. These are designed for the lazy and careless people who often drop their phones.

These cases cover the whole body of your iPhone and provide a lot of protection. So, if you are the type of person who keeps dropping the phone, then you should definitely get one of these.

Bumper cases

These cases were designed by the Apple itself. These cases are light, shell-like, protective and strong. These cases are transparent from the back so you can show the elegance of the original design of iPhone. Want to show off and protect your iPhone at the same time? Get one of these.

These are other hundreds of designs and styles for iPhone cases with your favorite animated character, tools for extra grip and much more. There are many designers who are offering their cases designs as well.

You can also design your favorite iPhone case, how? Well, that is an easy thing. Just think what kind of back cover or case you want. Buy a simple case like a skin-type or shell-type and add accessories to it. Alternatively, you can buy a pouch for your iPhone.

Cases Hack

If you want a customized case with your picture or any other picture you like, there is a simple trick to do that. Get one of these simple and transparent cases. Take a picture of you or any other photo that you like and use any photo editor to make it look like an art.

Cut that photo according to the size of your iPhone or smaller with different shapes and place it inside the cover. It will give the illusion that you have actually printed your picture on the case of your iPhone.

These are websites and companies that also do this job for you which will look more elegant and natural. You can choose either way you are satisfied.

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