iPhone 7 photography

iPhone 7 Photography

We all know that Apple iPhones are one of the best smart phones in the world. Apple is continuously working to increase the quality of its camera and iPhone 7 photography is a proof of it. iPhones are well known for their performance and high-quality camera results.iPhone 7 photography

Apple is continuously striving hard to provide its users the best experience of photography and videography. The camera of iPhone 7 is really good and it can be considered as a major milestone.

Apple has also been using its iPhone camera to support its other devices. In some of the commercials of Apple iPhone, the videos that they used were actually recorded by using an iPhone.

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According to a photo sharing website named Flickr, which tracks its user’s most used cameras, in the category of smart phone cameras, Apple’s iPhone rank at the top of other smartphones. In addition to traditional cameras, iPhone camera became the most popular camera for taking pictures.

iPhone photography in the future

While in the past, iPhone photography was not so popular but more and more photographers are using it these days, and it is obvious that iPhone will be one of the most prominent devices in photography.

The quality of an iPhone camera is very good as compared to other smartphone cameras. You cannot only use it for taking regular pictures, but it is also capable of taking high-quality photos just like a professional camera.

The best part about the camera of an iPhone 7 is that it has two lenses, which make it perfect for photography.

Tips for iPhone 7 photography

Turn on the high Dynamic Range

The first tip that I would give you is that when you are trying to shoot colored images like the view of sunrises and sunsets, you should turn on the High Dynamic Range (HDR). HDR (High Dynamic Range) is one of the best features of an iPhone camera.

It takes several photos at a series of different exposure settings and then joins them together to create the best picture for you. HDR has several different modes that you can use. You can set it to auto, on or off, whatever you prefer. It allows you to have maximum control on your camera.

Focus Mode (Yellow Box on The Screen)

When you go to camera screen you will see the yellow box called focus mode. It is a useful feature that iPhone offers. By using focus mode, you will be able to take amazing photographs. Using the focus mode is very easy. All you have to do is just press the yellow box on the camera screen where you want the camera to focus on.

How to shoot on iPhone 7

The region of focus will usually have a yellow box having a sun icon along with it. This sun icon allows you to locate exposure with the help of your fingers.

Hey Siri

I’m sure you already know a lot about Siri. ” Siri” is the fastest and a fun way to take a selfie. Using Siri is also very easy. Make a pose and when you are ready to take a picture, just say “Hey Siri, take a selfie” and it will automatically take a picture for you. People love using Siri because it not only gets the job done but using it is also very easy.

Using the Volume Buttons

When you get pictures with an iPhone, there is another problem that you might face sometimes. It is known as camera shake. We all know how frustrating it can be when you are ready to take a selfie but can’t take a perfect selfie because of camera shake.

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To solve this problem, the quickest and easiest way is to hold your iPhone with both hands and take the photos by pressing the volume control button. In this way, the chances of camera shake will reduce and you will be able to take better photos.

Use the Timer

If you don’t want to use the “Hey Siri” option, there is another method by using which, you can avoid the camera shaking problem. To do this, just turn on the timer and choose the 3s (three seconds) duration.

When you will press the capture button, the timer will start automatically and then you’ll have sufficient time to take a good picture by pressing the volume key or on-screen capture button.


If you are thinking to shoot a photo of a moving object but you are facing difficulty in it. There is the easiest way to do this. Just press and hold the capture button or volume button, and in each second the camera will shoot ten images in burst mode.

Best photo collage app for your iPhone

You will see several pictures on the screen which will tell you how many pictures you have taken. When you are done with taking photos, you can see these photos and you can select the best photos that you want to keep and delete other photos that you don’t like.


If you want high-quality photos when you take a picture after zooming in, then I would suggest that you use a lens kit for your iPhone instead of using zoom option. By using a lens kit, you will be able to take high-quality close ups.


In this blog post, I shared information related to iPhone 7 photography. I also shared some useful tips that you can use to take high-quality photos with your iPhone 7. I hope that these suggestions will facilitate you to take better photos on your iPhone.

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