Best free iPhone photography apps

Best free iPhone photography apps

iPhone photography also is known as IPhoneography. It is getting more popularity among photographers day by day. If you are getting started with iPhone photography here are instructions for iPhone camera.

For good iPhone photography, you don’t just need good photography skills but you also need help from some apps to make your photos more creative and eye-catchy. iPhone camera is good but sometimes you need 3rd party camera apps for better quality photos.

Nowadays, as photo editing is getting popular, not even professional photographers upload raw and unedited photos. So, you will need a little bit help from editing apps to give your normal photos a creative look. In this blog post, I will cover 5 best free iPhone photography apps that will help you with your IPhoneography.Best free iPhone photography apps


Fotor is a photo camera, editing app, sharing and social media app. It provides a lot of great features including focus that gives your photos a Digital SLR like look, photo collage, magazine collage, stickers, frames, borders, touch up, photo editing effects, filters and much more.

Its camera provides you with 6 photo modes. With the help of these modes, you can enjoy taking beautiful photos. These modes include photo grid, burst option, big button, timer so that you can easily take photos, stabilizer, and square. It also provides basic editing tools like crop, rotate, adjust brightness, colors, saturation etc.

The best feature of this app is that you can connect with other struggling and professional photographers and share your work to get some appreciation and inspiration from other photographers all around the globe.


Snapseed is one of the best free photo editing app developed by Google. It provides hundreds of features to customize the look of your photos. Its features include tune image, blur, crop, rotate, fixing geometry of horizons, color adjustments, saturation, brightness, warmth adjustments, healing, white balance etc.

There are different effects including glamour glow, tonal contrast, grunge, HDR, drama, grainy film, frames, vintage, noir, black & white, retrolux, and face. Along with all these effects, there are hundreds of tools to further customize the look of your photo.

It also provides 30 predefined styles to adjust the brightness of your photos to the correct level. It can also provide approximately 38 predefined styles to add text to your photos.


Tadaa is a great photo editing and filter app for iPhone users.  It provides a lot of features like a professional photo editing option and it still manages to look simple and clean. It also provides a dozen of basic photo editing tools.

One of the best features of this app is that it retains the quality of photos. Most photo editing app compresses the photos but Tadaa provides you the HD photos. Another best feature is customization, you can delete the tools you don’t need or replace them with new ones from the Tadaa store.

Note: In-app purchases included, you will need to buy extra tools in Tadaa store.


VSCO Cam is a photo editor and a social media app. It provides simple editing features like fade, skin tone, tint, clarity, sharpen, temperature, saturation, and much more.

It has its built-in camera to take high-quality photos. It also provides a lot of filters to enhance your photos automatically. More filters can be download from the VSCO store (includes free and paid filters).

It also has its social media community, where you can share your edited photos. You can follow your friend using the app and other photographers all around the world.

VSCO also provides paid membership, in which you can enjoy a monthly update of the app, premium filters, and many other features. These pro features are not available in the free version.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express also known as Adobe Photoshop Express is the mobile version of the great editing tool Adobe Photoshop.

Its features include the basic editing tools like crop, rotate, remove red-eye, remove pet-eye etc. It includes an auto fix for automatic adjustments (brightness, exposure, white balance), removes blemishes, borders, resizes, blend, water mark etc.

One of the best features of Photoshop Express is collage making. You can choose photos from your gallery, Dropbox, Facebook etc. and choose the design for the collage. It allows you to zoom, edit or swap any photo within the collage.

It also provides a lot of filters to give your photos a dreamy and artistic look. It supports the different formats of photos including JPG, PNG, srw, arw, cr2, and many others. You can also share the final look of the photo on different social media networks or simply save it to the gallery.


Above are some best free iPhone photography apps that can be downloaded free from the Apple Store. Please note that the above content doesn’t show any ranking, this is just a random list of a few useful apps for iPhone photography. There are hundreds of other free and paid photography, camera and other useful apps that are available on app store and I will also cover them in my other blog posts.

Have a great iPhoneography day!

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