Best photo collage app for your iPhone

Best photo collage app for your iPhone

Photo collages are very popular among people who like to share their photos on social media. Instead of posting so many pictures on your profile, you can simply make a collage by using a collage app and upload it to your profile.Best photo collage app for your iPhone

Best Collage Making Apps for iPhone and iPad

Photos are a great way to cherish your memories and to remember your favorite moments. There are many collage apps available these days and they let you put your favorite photos in a single photo. It not only looks stylish but is also very easy to make.

So, what is the best photo collage app?

You can simply download an app and make a collage of your favorite photos. However, there are so many collage apps available on iPhone and every day, their number is increasing. It has become difficult to find the best photo collage app for your iPhone.

Therefore, I conducted a research and found some of the best photo collage apps that you can use to make collages and to impress your friends with your creativity. Here are the apps that you should download on your iPhone to make the best collages:


iPhoto is one of the best collage apps for your iPhone and a must-have tool to make your photos perfect. You can edit as many photos as you want by using this app. It also allows you to organize your photographs so that you know where your every photo is.

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Apart from this, it also comes with many great features. By using iPhoto app, you can not only create collages but you can also create slide shows by using your photos. By using this app, you can add text to your photos, and it is also perfect to add effects in your photos.

Whether you want to share your photos with your friends by using social media, or just want to edit a simple photo so that you can share with your other half, iPhoto is perfect for you. The price of this photo collage app is $4.99 and you can easily download it on your iPhone.

Diptic app

Diptic app is a photo collage app that comes with some amazing layouts that you can use to make your collages. A collage is a perfect way to share your memories with your friends by using only a single picture and you can easily do this by using Diptic app.

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The price of Diptic app is $2.99. You might be thinking that why do you even need to buy a photo collage app when there are plenty of free photo collage apps available on app store. Well, I can say this by experience that this money is totally worth it.

The quality and the layouts that you get in a paid app is much better than a free app. But, this does not mean that free apps are not good. They are also perfect for creating collages.

Diptic app also allows you to use animated grids. By using these animated grids, you can highlight your photos in whatever way you prefer. It is a perfect way to show all pictures but to also highlight your pictures.

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You can also edit your photos in Diptic app. It comes with a wide range of frames, borders, effects and you can use them in your photos. You can also add the text to your photos and change the layout or design of the collage as per your preferences. Diptic app is a user-friendly collage app and anyone can easily use it.

iCollages Pro

With more than 240 collage templates that are also customizable, iCollages pro is one of the best iPhone photo collage app that you can have. Take some beautiful photos and try these amazing templates.

You can create professional looking photo collages by using iCollages pro. You can customize your photo collage in whatever way you want. Whether you want to increase the size of your collage or decrease, you can easily do it.


In this blog post, I’ve talked about some of the best photo collage apps that iPhone users can download in iPhones and enjoy creating unique and amazing photo collages. There are many other amazing apps that you can use but these were the ones that I picked because I found them best. Don’t forget to share your creations with your friends. And watch this quick video to know about some of the best photo editing apps.