Best Camera Apps for iPhone

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

iPhone photography or iPhoneography is becoming popular and popular these days. People like to take pictures with their iPhone because not only it has a great camera, but it also is easy to use. You can take it anywhere you want.Best Camera Apps for iPhone

Usually, a DSLR camera cannot be taken anywhere. It is heavy and takes a lot of space. Due to this, you can miss some special shot when you don’t have it with you. But, iPhone has solved this problem. You can take it anywhere and take pictures whenever you want.

Here are some of the best camera apps for iPhone that can make your photos perfect:


Camera+ is a very useful camera app that can help you take amazing photographs by your iPhone. It was introduced in the year of 2010, and since then, it has gained so much popularity among iPhone users.

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Anyone can easily use it. So, whether you are a newbie in the field of iPhone photography or a pro, you will not face any problem in using this app. It offers many amazing features. Some of them are image stabilizer, white balance, focus, burst mode, etc.

It comes with HDR and due to this, it has the ability to take clear pictures highlighting all the details of a photo. Another great feature is that it allows you to shoot in different photo formats. Whether you need a photo in JPG format or any other, Camera+ is the ultimate solution.

It also has a variety of borders and different frames and effects that you can use in your photographs. Want to take a black and white photo? No problem, you can do it by using Camera+. Want to take a beautiful photo with enhanced colors? Still, no problem because you can do a lot of interesting things by using this app.

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If you want to share your photos on social media with your friends, Camera+ also allows you to do it with great ease.

Though Camera+ is a very user-friendly tool and you will know how everything works once you start using it but still if you are confused about how to use this app properly, then don’t worry because there are so many great tutorials available on YouTube and you can watch them to learn more about Camera+.

The price of Camera+ is only $3.


Here comes the second most amazing tool for taking pictures in iPhone and its name is ProCamera. It comes with a user-friendly intuitive interface which is perfect for pros and beginners.

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More than 3 million users have downloaded ProCamera and are using it. You can control your mobile phone camera just like a DSLR camera by using this app. It allows you to capture the beautiful colors of nature with high quality. You can easily capture the details of your subject by using ProCamera.

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It can automatically determine that what would be the right exposure setting for your photo. But you can also control it manually. You can also easily capture different moving objects without making your photos blurred. For doing this, you don’t even need a tripod.

The photographer can easily set the exposure value in this app. ProCamera is available on app store for only $5 and you can easily download it.


Halide comes with an amazing gestural control system that allows you to have maximum control over the functions of your iPhone camera. It has both options i.e. autofocus or manual focus. If you like to control everything in your camera manually, then you can use manual focus.

But, if you just want to take a photo and leave everything up to the camera, then autofocus will be best for you. You can switch between different formats of photos. It doesn’t matter whether you want a photo in RAW format or a JPEG format, everything can be done by using Halide.

You can easily sort your photos in Halide. It will give you a quick glimpse of your photo once it is captured and you can then edit it however you want. If you want to delete it, you won’t have to go any specific folder to do this, you can simply do this after taking a picture.

You don’t have to hunt for buttons when you are using Halide because you can adjust exposure by a simple swipe. The price of this amazing camera app is only $5 on the app store.