iPhone tricks and secrets

iPhone tricks and secrets

A lot of people are using iPhone since long but they don’t know the basic tricks and secrets of iPhone that can make it more user-friendly. iPhones are known for many reasons but do you how to make use of all the features of an iPhone?iPhone tricks and secrets

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Today, I will cover some iPhone tricks and secrets of an iPhone that you probably have not used before.

Low brightness

Do you know you can lower the brightness of your phone more than the apple system allows you? Night shift button can help you a little but it is still more when you are using your phone in dim lights. Here is what you need to do:

1.      Go to the settings.

2.      Go to general settings

3.      Find accessibility and tap.

4.      You will see an option for zoom, enable zoom. Make sure you turn on the show controller.

5.      Click any controller here and move that zoom bar down to the left.

6.      You will see an option for “Choose filter”. Click on it and enable low light.

7.      Then go to the zoom region (it’s on the same page) and select full screen.

8.      Triple tap your screen and it will dim the screen light.

9.      You might see an annoying controller on your screen. To remove that, go to the same settings again and turn off the show controller.

10.  Now, whenever you need dim light you can simply triple tap to turn it on and triple tap to get back your normal screen.

Software update pop ups

Tired of notifications that ask you for software updates? You can simply remove these from your screen. Here is what you need to do.

1.      Go to settings.

2.      Go to general

3.      Tap on the storage and icloud usage.

4.      You will find that software update here, click delete.

5.      Now, it is automatically removed from the screen.

6.      If this does not work, restart your device and it will be removed. You can still be able to get your software update page in settings but it will not appear on the screen.

Refresh App store

If your device hung in apple store or if you just want to boost up the speed of the apple store, here is what you can do:

1.      Find the icon bar at the bottom of the screen.

2.      Tap any icon ten times here and it will refresh the app store.

Reset system RAM

Resetting Ram can clear background application and result in improved battery life. It can also help to refresh your system to boost up the speed. Here is a quick two step method:

1.      Hold power button like you want to turn it off.

2.      Hold home button for a second and it will reset the ram.

Get one-year-old photo (one of my favorite iPhone tricks and secrets)

Ever wonder which photo you have taken on the same day a year before? You don’t need to search the whole gallery to get that photo. Here is what you can do to get the exact photo you have taken on the same day.

1.      Tap and hold the icon for photos.

2.      There you will find an option for the photo taken a year ago. Tap and see what you have got.

3.      Some people don’t see this button and that is because they have not taken any photo a year ago.

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Emoji keyboard

Your iPhone has a build in emoji keyboard in it. Sounds cool right? Let me tell you how you can get your emoji keyboard.

1.      Go to the settings.

2.      Go the general settings.

3.      Go to keyboard settings i.e. keyboard then keyboards

4.      Add a new keyboard here.

5.      Select the Japanese keyboard here. Open the setting for that keyboard and enable “Romaji”.

6.      Now go to iMessage, look for your Japanese keyboard in that icon of the globe.

7.      Go to the number area and there you will see an emoji like this “^_^”. Tap on it and you will get a whole list of emoji.

Turning on low power shift and night mode

Apple does not allow you to turn on the low power shift and the night mode at the same time but you can still turn on these two at the same time. Here is what you need to do:

1.      Go to setting

2.      Go to the display brightness settings.

3.      Go to night shift and there ask Siri to turn on the low power mode.

4.      Now you can manually enable night shift till tomorrow. When you will go back to the settings you will see the night shift will not work but you still have it enabled during the low power mode.

Get some free space

Here is a crazy trick to get some free space and it works. Try it when your device’s memory is getting full. Here is what you can do:

1.      Go to the iTunes store.

2.      Search for some heavy movie. More than the free storage you have on your device.

3.      Now rent the movie. Don’t worry you don’t have to pay for it as you don’t have space to get the movie.

4.      In a few seconds, you will get pop up of low storage. Go to storage settings and you will be amazed to see that you get a little bit of more free storage than before.

5.      Make sure you don’t do this process to get the storage required for the movie, otherwise you will have to pay for the movie.

Undo and Redo messages

Whenever you type something in your iMessage and you want to clear it instead of clearing the whole text, here is what you can do.

1.      Shake you iPhone.

2.      You will get a pop up to undo or redo your message.

3.      Undo your message if you want to clear it.

4.      And in case if you changed your mind, you can shake the phone again and redo your message to get the original message again.

Here is a quick video on top 10 hidden iPhone tricks: